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velgenborstel handigschoonmaken review

Smart cleaning is half the battle, at least that's something I've noticed since we started using the stuff from And to be honest, in the beginning we only had one cleaning brush, the soft brush. Fortunately, the boys from were real champs and sent us their rim cleaning brush among other things. So that we could clean our bikes the way they were intended to be cleaned. 

And the answer is yes, we REALLY liked it! Why the rim cleaning brush has won us over? I'll tell you all about it in this blog. 

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The rim cleaning brush from

The first thing you'll notice about this cleaning brush for your motorcycle rims, is its shape. This is because the brush has two thicknesses that make it easy to get between all kinds of spokes. Allowing you to easily reach all corners without having to use a sponge. 

The shape makes this brush ideal for the rims of my boyfriend's 2022 XSR 900, as these spin forged wheels are hollow on the inside. The rim brush gets between them super easily so that even these super light rims, are easy to clean. 

Pro tip: Be careful with the metal tip of the brush.  

The advantages of the HS rim cleaning brush

The brush is soft, maneuverable and gets into small nooks and crannies easily. The handle is comfortable in the hand, despite the fact that I get pain in my hands pretty quickly due to muscle problems. So we get into the normally almost impossible to reach spots of the XSR 900 rims with ease. And also the double spokes of the BMW or the spoke rims of the Transalp are clean in no time with this brush. Especially when you use the brush in combination with the rim cleaning solution. No matter what chain grease is on your rims, with these rim cleaner it'll come right off. 

The disadvantages of this special brush for your motorcycle rims

Actually, we found only one small drawback to this soft wax brush for your rims and that is the tip. Although the head of the brush is equipped with a rubber to cover the metal, you have to use it with care. So if you are rough on your rims, you can scratch them with this tip. But if you just act normal and pay attention to what you do, this is actually not an issue. Just don't wash your bike with your eyes closed. 

The price of HS's rim cleaning brush

Pricewise, I have nothing to complain to be honest. The HS rim cleaning brush costs €16,95. For a good quality brush you will usually spend somewhere between 20 and 40 euros. You can compare this brush to the Wurth rim brush, which costs 35 euros. Or the Vikan soft rim brush which costs 29,99. And for the ladies, you could opt for the pink Stipt rim brush Lady Line which comes in pink and costs 29,99. While they are all similar, each brush costs substantially more than the HS rim cleaning brush. HS velgenborstel

In short, just an incredibly fine brush that absolutely does what it is supposed to do. It is very sturdy and sits well in the hand which makes it feel like it will last a long time. For us, it is a very welcome addition to our motorcycle cleaning starter kit.I've also written an in-depth review on that kit, which you can read here!


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