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Cleaning and polishing... Definitely not my favorite chore, but I can't complain. Where my boyfriend has to polish and lubricate his motorcycle chain, I don't have to. Long live the cardan! Then again, the rest of the bike has to be cleaned regardless. So I was very happy when he purchased a motorcycle cleaning kit from And randomly decided to clean my bike for me. Men, take notes, there is nothing more attractive than a man who takes initiative and, without complaining, cleans your motorcycle for you! You certainly score points with that. And with this motorcycle cleaning kit, cleaning your bike is also done in fifteen minutes.

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What's in the motorcycle cleaning kit

The Motorcycle cleaning starter kit from comes in a handy box. And when we are done cleaning, everything goes back into that box. That way we keep everything neatly together in the rack. 

Included in the engine cleaner starter kit is:

  • 2x 1 liter motorcycle cleaner
  • 1x 500ml rim & chain cleaner
  • 1x foamer (a manual low pressure water)
  • 1x Viscose sponge
  • 1x rim sponge
  • 1x PVA cloth
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Cleaning the motorcycle with the cleaning kit

As I said, cleaning your bike with this motorcycle cleaning kit is simple as can be. A child could even do it, and you'll be done in about 20 minutes. If you don't feel like reading there is a video at the bottom of this post where MotorMyrt explains how to clean the bike!

Step 1: Start with the chain and rims

Considering you need another cleaner for this step, we like to do this one first. We just use a chain cleaning brush for cleaning. This is not included in the kit, so handy to purchase it separately. We use the chain cleaning brush from and are very satisfied with it. Unlike cheap chain brushes, this one is quite fucker-proof. And I really do need that.  

Spray the chain and rims with the cleaner (make issuer to properly douse them) and let it soak in for a while. It is best to do this when you can turn the rear wheel by placing the bike on a support. When the rim and chain cleaner has been soaking in for a few minutes, brush off all the dirt with the chain cleaning brush and the rim sponge. 

After you are completely done cleaning it, don't forget to re-grease your chain with chain grease or a chain spray. I personally like to use this Chain lube from Motorex. I always used this for the NC700X and the Multistrada. But also for the XSR900 and the transalp this is my favorite for the chain as well. 

Step 2: rinse and lather the bike

Once you're done with the chain and rims, it's time to give the entire bike a quick rinse. Hopefully you have a garden hose, if not it can also be done with a couple of buckets of water. Be sure to give your chain and rims a good rinse as well. Once you have rinsed all the dirt off the bike you can start soaping. Mix the bike cleaner in the foamer (100ml per liter of water) and bring the foamer to pressure by pumping it. After which you can spray a nice thick layer of foam on your bike. 

Step 3: cleaning the motorcycle

Again, let the foam soak in for about 5 minutes. The included viscose sponge works wonders to clean the doom and gloom (read: the fly graveyard) off your engine. But we also use the wash brush from The soft brush is ideal for getting in between all kinds of nasty edges that you can't really reach with the sponge. 

Step 4: rinse the engine again with water

Once you're done cleaning, it's time to rinse the bike again. Make sure all the suds, dirt and other junk is washed away. If you need to, you can give your bike another lather and polish.  

Step 5: drying the bike

Once your bike is completely clean, it's time to dry it. After all, you don't want all the droplets leaving marks and streaks on your bike. It would have been nice to have osmosis water coming out of the hose, but alas. Drying the bike is done with the PVA cloth from the cleaning kit. This ensures that your engine is left without streaks or stains. 

When your bike is completely clean you can of course wax it with the Speed Wax. However, we don't have these ourselves (yet). So I cannot share my opinion about that! 

More from

Wanneer je reiniger op is kun je deze eenvoudig los bestellen. Dus je hoeft niet iedere keer een heel pakket te kopen. Wel zo fijn! De velgen & ketting reiniger is verkrijgbaar in twee handige formaten. Een 500ml bottle and a 5 liter bulk pack. The motorcycle cleaner is also available in 1 liter bottles. 

In addition to the engine cleaning kit, also has a leather cleaner & impregnator package For the leather motorcycle suits. And for the textile suits a Textile cleaner & impregnator package with which you can easily clean and impregnate your suits.  

Then, of course, the motorcycle helmet cannot be left behind, because they have something for that as well. A Visor cleaning kit with 100ml of visor cleaning spray and a special cloth. I can't share an opinion on the suit cleaning packages or the visor cleaner. Because I do not have them. But we are so satisfied with the motorcycle cleaning kit from that we will definitely try them in the future. 

Below is a nice information and instructional video about washing your motorcycle with the products of Demonstrated by MotorMyrt, Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram and TikTok as well because that girl is awesome!

Below is a nice information and instructional video about washing your motorcycle with the products of Demonstrated by MotorMyrt, Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram and TikTok as well because that girl is awesome!

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