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A motorcycle with a bell, sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? Well, think again! These bells, better known as Gremlin Bells, Guardian Bells, Angel Bells, or Spirit Bells, are small bringers of luck for motorcycle riders. They are believed to protect the rider while on the road against "the evil spirits of the road." If you're looking for the Lady Biker Gremlin Bell that I also have, click the button below. It will take you to the Amazon product page. Prefer a different kind? No worries! There are a few more linked further down! 

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The legend of the gremlin bells

According to legend, there are evil spirits that roam the roads, always seeking motorcycles to cling onto so they can cause mischief.

The Guardian Bells You should hang it as low as possible on your motorcycle. The mischievous spirits trying to cling to your bike will grab onto the Spirit Bell. They will be trapped inside and driven crazy by the constant ringing. They will only let go to free themselves, searching for an unsuspecting rider without a Guardian Bell.

Where does the name Gremlin Bells come from?

While these bells are often also referred to as Guardian bells or Spirit Bells , I don't know the origin of those names. Unexplained problems in engines are often referred to as 'gremlins.' Often being inexplicable electrical issues that are particularly annoying.

The rules of a Guardian Bell

Like its any kind of superstition, there are some rules to Gremlin Bells.

Rule #1 It works best when gifted

You're supposed to gift Gremlin Bells to someone else for protection. Some people say that buying your own Guardian Bell will turn it into a bad luck charm. However, not everyone agrees. Most people simply believe that a bell purchased for yourself it still lucky. But when the Spirit Bell is gifted, its mojo doubles. The Spirit Bell will be twice as effective in warding off angry spirits from the roads and keeping toe rider extra safe.

Rule #2 The lower the better

The bell should be attached to the lowest part of your frame because gremlins lurk on the roads and "cling" to motorcycles as they pass by. When the bell hangs low to the ground, the evil spirits are more easily caught by it. Gremlin Bells. Make sure to secure your Guardian Bell properly. Personally, I use two metal rings that go through a steel plate for this purpose. But a zip tie works wonders too.

My Lady Biker Guardian Bell hangs quite high. Not a conversation goes by without people starting to squeak that I shouldn't hang it there at all. First of all, it's my bike, and secondly, there's no lower point on the bike where it hangs freely without me knocking it off. Using my kickstand as a mounting option is not feasible, and the lower fairing is so low that I'd lose it at the first speed bump. The struggles of a lowered bike...

Rule #3 Remove your Gremlin Bell when you sell your bike

The Gremlin Bell It was a gift to keep you safe, and it's not intended to be sold. If you do sell it, people believe that the bell will lose its protective properties. So, the idea is to mount your Spirit Bell on your next bike. If you buy a motorcycle and notice that the previous owner (accidentally) left their bell hanging, please be kind enough to contact them and return the bell to its rightful owner.

Rule #4 Don't take other people's bells

A bell that is gifted without good intentions, will lose its ability to ward off bad spirits. If someone steals your Gremlin Bells , the bad spirits go with it. The bell will no longer ward them off. The power of this good luck charm rests in the good intentions it is gifted with. When stolen, the bell will lose its effect and hopefully Karma will take care of the rest...

Rule #5 know you are loved

Gremlin Bells are everything a biker needs when the rules above are followed. Ride safe and KNOW you are loved! After all, the gifter wants to see you return home safe and sound. Unharmed, and with no technical issues either.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a motorcycle rider? Look no further than a Gremlin Bell (also known as an Angel Bell, Guardian Bell, or Spirit Bell). These small bells symbolize luck and protection for the recipient. Additionally, they show the recipient that you care about them and want them to return home safely.

Ride safe and let the good luck ring under you with Gremlin Bells! I have a Macy Bell myself and I'm very happy with the quality of it. They are very solid, heavy and have a good ring to them. The images below are all Moci Bells from the store I got mine from. If there is one you like, simply click it to go to the Amazon product page!

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