To the BMW rider that escorted me home in the dark: THANK YOU!

bedankt voor het thuisbrengen onbekende meneer

Some things just stick with you. And I sincerely hope that maybe this man is at the Motorbbeurs and recognizes my bike. Or that he has talked to someone about this incident and they recognize my bike. 

What this man did so incredibly sweet! At that moment he really was. the BMW biker dad that every motorcycle girl should have.  

A Good Samaritan

November 2nd last year something happened to me that I just find incredibly cool. I was driving on the A28 towards home and it had already become quite dark. I had taken pictures that afternoon at the monument on the heath in Ede and it was running rather late. I had no intention of ending up in the twilight, let alone the dark. 

On the way, I had been signaled a few times, but I just didn't understand why. My lights were on and I really had no idea what it could be. Until a rather persistent BMW driver passed me, caught up and passed me again to flag me off the road with his hazard lights. 

On the emergency lane, he told me that my taillight was virtually invisible in the dark. This was my second or third ride on the bike and I had not chosen the taillight myself. This had been done for me. So I also assumed it was good, apparently it wasn't. Fortunately, I only had a short distance to go until I got home. 

This man, the hero of the fucking day really, insisted that he rode behind me so I would have a tail light. He had a long way to go anyway, so he didn't really care about a tiny detour. 

I explained to him where I needed to go and we set off again. He rode behind me until the roundabout where I drove into my neighborhood. I waved, and never saw the man again. I don't even know his name. But I did come home with another story about why I think the motorcycle community is just so incredibly awesome....  

herken je deze motor nog meneer de btw meneer
De foto in kwestie welke die dag geschoten is

If you don't try...

If you don't try, you won't succeed. Of course, I have not been writing blogs for long. I'm not well known yet. And chances are the man will never see this. 

But should that person read this:

THANK YOU Mr. BMW rider. For your persistence in flagging me off the road. But especially for protecting your fellow bikers. In the cold, in the dark, while you still had a VERY long way to go. I thought this was such a beautiful gesture... And I hope to run into you on the road again! 

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